Today I feel a bit like Frodo and Sam. ….Or maybe like Merry and Pippin. You remember that part where they all travel further than they have ever traveled before? I don’t honestly remember that part of the movie off the top of my head but it seems like a fitting analogy regardless.

Today I drove a car further than I’ve ever driven before in my whole life

…and that’s actually ….probably not saying much.

I haven’t been many places in my life and most of it, I spent in Springfield, MO.

Today I drove halfway to Cincinnati. Tomorrow, I will drive the other half.

I have a pitbull in the passenger seat and that isn’t a jab at Sarah.

This doggo has been really good the whole time we’ve been driving. Her water bowl has soaked the passenger seat in places and shes slobbering all over my arm while we drive down these long and rural backroads. Because screw going through city traffic. I would much rather see the countryside. Even if that means missing out on a few roadside attractions.

While we drive, Sarah is in the van behind me, with the walkie talkie, giving me directions and keeping an eye on my rear tire pressure. I kind of feel like Smoky and the Bandit.

While I am thinking about it, I would like to say that those walkie talkies were the best thing I’ve ever bought. This trip would have been a billion times shittier without them.

I honestly don’t understand why we don’t use these things anymore. We were able to carry on an ongoing conversation throughout the day by broadcasting with these doodads.

Can you imagine a world where everyone had one? You’d be out in traffic, listening to a chat room, basically. And you’d be able to participate while in traffic. …I will make a post about this soon…damn.

anyway…I am here with Sarah and my Canine Copilot at a hotel in Illinois. I went to a really cool liquor store across the street from our hotel. It was called Speakeasy’s. We ordered some pizza and wings to our room and are drinking some mike’s hard lemonades and miller lite while we watch some William Shatner show on History Channel. They’re talking about Ed Leedskalnin right now, so thats cool.
Tomorrow, we have another 6 and a half hours of driving to do. More radio conversations, more doggo watering. More energy drinks, water, and snacks.

Then I will be in my new city. With my new life. And my new hobbies and job.

I am excited about it and humbled by the immensity of it all.

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