Just kidding. America’s Standing Militias are a joke and would never have the guts or training to liberate anyone, let alone brown people.

Unfortunately, we live in a dystopian future where no matter how a person was born; as a man, a woman, or something in between, they are trained to have a weak resolve and no moral fortitude. This keeps us docile and unwilling to act. We are pacified by social media into thinking our words make a difference.

We as a people cannot protect ourselves anymore from those who would (and do) oppress us. There is nobody left to hold the rich accountable for their actions.

We are trained by our social spheres to blindly praise a fake God designed specifically to keep us ignorant. To keep YOU tied to abusive interpersonal dynamics and keep your mind under their total control.

And you are only irate at the things that don’t affect you. The US/Them mentality is going to destroy us all.

Because the rich and influential people with names you’ve never heard have convinced you that if you are a good slave, then you can be successful. That you will

God Bless America.

*takes off tinfoil hat*.

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