Fans of Professional Wrestling will be amused at the newest league to come onto the scene. This is not your typical wrestling league. This is the National Digit Wrestling Association – NDWA for short – and we are here to entertain.

Front Row from left: Hosts Donnie Cockrum and Dan Austin
Back Row from left: Mayday Marauder, Baron Von Satan, and Beefsteak McHurtlocker

Starting this week at The Outland Complex, fans of the NDWA will cheer on their favorite thumb wrestler in a LIVE ACTION match that is one part professional wrestling, one part improv comedy, and one part #allthumbs.

The current cast of characters includes such Digit Dynamos as Louie The Lush, a down-on-his-luck alcoholic ex rodeo clown and aspiring country music star. Yeah. I said that.

Other characters such as Hott Mott – complete with his playboy style robe and always present hand mirror – are throwbacks to 80s and 90s era professional wrestling.
All the characters are JUUUUUUSSSSTTTT over the top enough to be loveable while remaining believable enough to be entertaining. You really will find yourself with reasons to love and hate each of them. And that’s the best part of wrestling.

The brainchild of local comedian (and Baron Von Satan himself) Doug Driesel Jr , The NDWA has quickly grown from a funny idea to a full fledged comedy troupe with 12+ members and counting.

Each wrestler is complete with their own costume, backstory, and finishing moves. It’s clear that even though this is all for fun, the members of the NDWA take their craft seriously.

Each week, matches are released on YouTube on the NDWA Thumbs channel.
Bonus content can be found on the league’s Patreon page.

Catch the NDWA tonight at Outland Bar 326 South Ave in Springfield. Doors open at 9pm. There is NO COVER CHARGE.

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