Dissonant guitars and malicious lyrical delivery begin this dark and heavy EP by Southwest Missiouri’s Gravehuffer. A far step away from their previous tunes like Shut Up And Skate, Demon Face sounds sort of like Carnage from the Spider-Man universe started a band, then ate the fucking crowd.

According to their webnets, this is NOT the final album art. Still looks fucking SICK tho.

Guitarist Richie Randall’s guitar tone fits the song perfectly. The dissonant chords and chugging riffs -along with the technical drum sensibilities- make the first song Demon Face a multifaceted metal opus that takes us through multiple movements, keeping this song fresh throughout the 4 minute, 34 second track. The lyrical delivery never once gets boring or played out.

Stalingrad’s Cross is the second 4+ minute song on this 2 song EP. The album itself is intended to be released on 7″ vinyl, giving each track its own side of the album. Dynamic changes and the lyrical tongue lashings are as prevalent on this track as they were in the first track. Stalingrad’s Cross contains a FACE MELTING guitar solo around the 2 minute 6 second mark which gives way to a massive sounding recapitulation of the track’s main theme. Through multiple dynamic changes, Gravehuffer takes the listener on a journey through a metal wasteland of aggression and emotionality.

I give this EP 5 headless corpses.

Hollow out your soul below:

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