Today I listened to The Rise of Fatt Matt vol 2 by local hip hop artist Reborn King. This guy is a new artist for me. I have included the tracks and description of each of the first three songs. I have left the last two songs of this 5 song EP to be reviewed by the reader. I do have to say that I enjoy his choice in instrumental tracks to rap to. Each song has a laid back vibe that i wish more rappers would put their lyrics to.

Summer Breeze – This song starts with a chill guitar lick and kicks in soonafter with an old school type beat. The lyrics talk about the life of Fat Matt – a rap artist who mentions various aspects of his personality. His aspirations mentioned discuss things like the desire to see his name on venue marquis, smoking trees, and his desire to make a living using his art and selling cannabis. He studies hiphop and mentions that the listener and himself aren’t all that different in their dreams.

Rum – In this song, Fatt Matt continues his narrative. He states that he will never stop trying to improve his situation. He begins describing various people who have doubted him during his personal journey of progress. He claims that these people are mis- or even under informed. Matt criticizes the critical nature of haters who don’t understand that struggle or the point of art or its impact on the artist. During this track he touches on his own personal struggles and addictions.

Bipolar – This chapter of the Fatt Matt saga, Matt brings home the fact that his critics do not affect him on his journey. Talking about selling cannabis and fornicating with females is a main focus in this story.

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