Springfield Missouri might be one of the last places you’d expect to see an authentic grunge band share the stage with a classic rock/blues band. The guys in Boddah rocked with Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice to defy those expectations.

Guitar player and singer/songwriter Travis Tuck has been working on perfecting Boddah for more than half a decade. Now with a tight rhythm section composed of (ex-Tiny Red Spiders drummer) Brian Matney on drums and Mike Yarnall on the Bass end, they have cultivated an agressive energy. It seems like the band that started out as Tuck’s dream has become a reality.

Boddah playing at The Outland Bar 6/14/2019

In a world where every alternative band strives to have that “radio” sound, Boddah remains true to their roots. Their influences are apparent but their sound remains original. Powerful guitar tone, massive bass lines, and in-the-pocket drums all backing Travis’ authentic grunge vocal stylings will have you feeling like you’re back in 1994. You’re going to want to bring a flannel, tied haphazardly around your waist.

Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice shredding into Voodoo Child

After Boddah, the night was continued by another Springfield native band Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice. This multi-genre band has the ability to play classic rock and blues with a groove true to form. These guys bring a mixture of covers spanning everything from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Stone Temple Pilots, plus a suitcase of original tunes.

Their influences come from a time where the guitars wailed and the harmonies were plentiful; front-man Nathan Bryce has a stage presence that matches his musical ability. Well thought out guitar tones add even more to the experience.

One of my favorite parts of this set was the unexpected cover of Alice in Chains followed by a song by Nirvana. Clearly this band does not like to be boxed in by genres or styles. Their repertoire is vast and spans multiple genres and their song selection keeps the room engaged throughout the set.

On the surface one may be apt to feel like these bands are slightly mismatched. Their abilities and song selection quickly eradicated that feeling. Given the active bands in the area, I would be hard pressed to find two bands more well suited to play together.

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