The Lead Singer from Acting on Impulse having an orgasm on stage.

There aren’t enough face melting solos these days.

I don’t know why the shredders are so few and far between.

I am thankful though that I got to run sound at a rock show that melted my face this Sunday, June 2.
The shredders I’m talking about are in the band Acting on Impulse and to be honest, I hadn’t even heard of this band until tonight.
This band is not radio rock. But they kind of have that groove.

I would compare them to the band Bad Dog No Biscuit or even old Shine After Dark from about 4 years ago. There’s some definite southern influences here. Band is heavy but not so heavy as to be inaccessible to those outside of the metal world.

Bass Player from Acting on Impulse, thinking about world issues.

Their music is not the most innovative sound in the world. That is not their goal. Instead, they do what works for them and the do it very very well.

“I can run but I can’t hide because the demons are inside my mind…”

I’m not going to sit here and tell you than this band is the next big thing. But they might be. You know, based on shreds alone, these guys fucking slay 80% of the bands around here.

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