If you see this band playing out in the Springfield area, watch out. they might blow your buttholes out backwards.

SO much awkward banter and scripted interactions, plus an over the top delivery make these dudes (and a lady dude on bass) one of my favorite new local bands.

Featuring a forgettable name but an unforgettable stageshow. Honestly, it’s more of a sideshow than a stageshow. I hope this band takes off in a good way.

The lead dude in this band makes me think of Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello.

oh yeah, and they’re called ….friggin….uhmmm……..

*Literally goes out to check the flier*

“Sutton Pines”

Before I go, I should mention that I found out during their set that the bass player and the singer/guitar guy are married. There is actually a song about that. Its pretty hardcore and they seem like they like each other quite a bit. They are in a band together. So that is probably a good sign.

Anyway. I hope you have a good day. Thank you for watching my ted talk.

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